Your Real Estate Makes Real Change

Newbies to Boise and locals alike will tell you one thing about Boise. It’s exploding. And so is every other town in the Treasure Valley. That means home prices are high, supply is low and sellers are choosy.

It’s easy to feel intimidated, but we know the solution. We aren’t real estate agents so much as we are real people who genuinely care, creating exceptional housing solutions for buyers, sellers, and the whole community.

We Help Buyers Beat their Competition

In this market, seller’s are picky. Most of the time they have to decide between multiple offers. To “win,” you’ll need an advocate on your side well-versed in specialised real estate negotiations. We anticipate what others may offer for your dream home, so we’ll structure your deal in a way that gets the seller’s attention.

We Help Sellers Achieve Their Goals

Sellers who work with Property People are usually pleasantly surprised by the three-fold approach offered by our compassionate and community-minded team. First, we maximize their financial reward. Second, we work with all parties to ensure a peaceful, smooth sale. Lastly, we help you achieve an emotional award — doing what we can to make sure your home goes to a great family.

We Know Idaho, You Don’t Have To

You don’t want to just live in the area. You probably want to live in a specific neighborhood that reflects your price point and your values. The Boise metro area is different than other major cities. We pride ourselves in being as local as it gets and can help you find the exact right place for you.

Full Service, Full Spectrum

Property People is the area’s only real estate company that provides residential, multi-family, HOA and commercial property management while also developing affordable housing and converting mobile home parks. You get real estate experts when you partner with Property People.

10% to Affordable Housing

Don’t just buy or sell a home, leave a legacy. When you close with Property People at the table, our policy is to donate 10% of every commission check to LEAP Charities. Property People created LEAP Charities to create affordable housing solutions for folks left out of the market.

Meet A Property People REALTOR®