Why would a real estate company give away 10% of its revenue to charity? 

Property People has made a commitment to serve the entire economic spectrum of real estate because we desire to see all people with access to a safe, clean, and affordable place to live.

The social enterprise nature of Property People makes it possible for us to invest in just that.  Whether it is housing that is affordable, market rate, transitional, or long term we are convinced that housing is the foundation for those in our community to thrive. 

Regardless of profitability Property People gives 10% of its gross revenue to Leap Charities its non-profit partner.  

Since November of 2016 Leap Charities been focusing on a project called Welcome Housing which provides transitional housing for families arriving in Boise through refugee resettlement.  This program offers New Americans an affordable option (1/2 of the cost of the alternative) and a welcoming experience through friendship and connection (each housing unit is hosted by community member).  

To learn more please visit Leap’s website at www.leapcharities.org.